Majestic Natur is a decor company providing handmade goods. Our main inspiration is Nature and Scandinavian Handcraft Legacy.

Majestic Natur is a new home decor company and we are thinking big. We want to offer a variety of handmade products created by skilled dedicated hands. Sustainability is key and we embrace the slow made movement. Majestic Natur wants to give you a piece of humanity, something you can relate to. Rather than perfection we strive for a good relationship with nature. We embrace / acknowledge flaws inadequacies as rustic visual elements beautiful life traces.”


This is where the deer series are produced/made. One man, a good old piece of wood and lots of tools. There is an intentional effort to keep things imaginative and artistic. That is where the beauty of hand craftsmanship lays after all. We want to keep machines and electrical technology to a minimum. A jigsaw and a sanding machine is all the noise we allow. The deer production is intense. It demands a high level of energy strength, precision and care. Only 4 cuts are made with a machine, all the rest are made with a manual Japanese saw.

This contributes to the products uniqueness. We believe that handcraft aligned with conscious posture, ergonomy and a respected amount of intensity can help to a healthier lifestyle. Quality production time over quantity is part of the workshop’s philosophy.